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After Your Surgery

It is important for you to follow these guidelines after surgery to prevent delay in recovery.

After surgery, you will be taken to our Recovery Room where a nurse will take care of you until the affects of anesthesia wear off.  Patients usually spend 30 to 60 minutes in recovery.

You may experience a sore throat if a tube was inserted in your windpipe to help you breath during surgery.

Once you awake you will be encouraged to take some fluids.  A family member or friend may join you.

Pain Control:
Pain my increase as anesthesia wears off.  Ask your nurse for pain medications to avoid any discomfort.

Before You Can Be Discharged:
You must meet certain criteria before you can go home:

  1. your vitals are stable
  2. you are able to drink fluids
  3. you are able to urinate
  4. you are not vomiting
  5. your incision is not draining or swollen

Your anesthesiologist will discharge you with your PACU nurse after you meet all the medical criteria.  The recovery room nurse will review your medication and doctors discharge instructions with you to make sure you understand what you need to do at home.  Your escort must be available to discuss and sign these instructions before you can go home.

A nurse will escort you out to your car via wheel chair but you must have an adult family member or friend ready to escort you home and remain with you after you arrive home from your surgery for your safety and well being.  If you experience anything unusual  after your surgery such as:

  • Fever over 101 F
  • Your incision becomes more red , swollen or painful
  • Your incision bleeds a lot or opens
  • You feel dizzy, sleepy or groggy,(your medication may be too strong)
  • You still have excessive pain 1 hour after taking your pain medication
  • You still have side effects from your medication such as nausea, vomiting, redness, rash or itching​

Please call your surgeon or go to the nearest emergency room.

Post Care:
After you have returned home, be sure to follow  the post op instructions we provided as you recover.  Your surgery can be stressful on your body, so we encourage you to get good rest.  A nurse from Physicians’ Surgical Care Center will phone you following your surgery to see how you are and to answer any questions you might have. We may ask you to return a questionnaire after surgery. This will help us with your follow-up care and to improve our service.

Below are some tips and helpful information for you to know

  1. Eat lightly for the first 24 hours after your procedure
  2. Feeling tired, dizzy or nausea for a day or so following surgery is normal
  3. You may experience some discomfort at the site of your procedure

If you have any questions or problems after discharge, contact your physician.

The staff at Physicians Surgical Care enter is pleased that you and your surgeon have selected our facility for your surgery or procedure.  You are a valued guest.  We will endeavor to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.