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Check-in and Admission


Plan to arrive as instructed by your surgeon.  Check in at the registration desk.   A receptionist will greet you upon arrival to review info and obtain signatures on appropriate forms and collect a co-pay if applicable. Our waiting room offers you and your loved ones a calm comfortable environment during your stay.  We want you and your family to be as relaxed as possible during the often stressful waiting period before and after surgery.  Due to our obligation to control germs our lobby is at a cool temperature.  Please bring a sweater.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you feel the need.

It is important for you to follow these guidelines day of the surgery to prevent delay or cancellations.

  • Bring a list of ALL medications with you on the day of surgery, both prescription and non-prescription, and instructions on how you take them.

  • Be prepared to sign a form giving your consent for the operation. If the patient is under 18, the parent or legal guardian must accompany the child and sign the consent form. Parents/Guardians must not leave the building while a minor child is at the center.

  • It is your responsibility to arrange in advance for a responsible person to stay at the center during your procedure and to drive you home and remain with you the first 24 hours after surgery.You cannot drive yourself or be left alone.

  • Collect all necessary papers from your physician’s office. Bring all insurance cards and drivers license or photo I.D. along to the center. (See Financial Arrangements.)

  • Please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment.

  • Please arrange for child care at home. DO NOT BRING CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT PATIENTS. Our lobby is not equipped to entertain children. Non-patient children are not permitted in the clinical areas. This is for the safety of our patients and your children.

Check in

After checking in at our center,  you will be moved to the pre-op holding area after the receptionists registers you.

 A nurse  and anesthesiologist will meet with you before your  procedure to explain what will happen , discuss your anesthesia and answer any questions or concerns.

An IV line will be inserted to provide you with fluids and medications before and during the surgery.   You will be given a gown and a bag to store your clothing in before you are escorted to the operating room.

We will also check your temperature, blood pressure and pulse, and ask you to empty your bladder before surgery.  A family member or friend may stay with you during this time until you are ready to be moved to the operating room.  At the appropriate time you will be escorted to the operating room.  Your family will be asked to wait in the front lobby while you are being prepared for surgery. The surgeon will speak with your family immediately following surgery. They will be able to rejoin you as soon as you awaken.