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 JLR Medical Group
  • JLR is an Orlando based practice since 1988, with approximately 80 anesthesiologists and 70 CRNAs that provide anesthesia services to Florida hospital and numerous outpatient ambulatory surgery centers.  They will be taking care of your anesthesia need here at Physicians Surgical Care Center

  • JLR’s clinical practice encompasses a wide variety of cases as well as chronic pain medicine

  • JLR has a well established multidisciplinary chronic pain management program with eight fellowship trained pain physicians in seven pain clinics.

  • JLR is well respected in the medical community because of its attention to total quality management as well as its global delivery of care.

  • JLR recommends you to tell your child as much as possible about what to expect when they are having surgery.

The types of anesthesia provided range from sedation, regional, and general anesthesia.

  • General Anesthesia
    You are totally asleep and unaware of your surroundings.  It can be administered by an intravenous injection through a thin tube in your arm (your  IV) or inhaled as an anesthetic gas.

  • Regional Anesthesia
    Regional anesthesia numbs certain areas of the body so that you do not feel pain (also called a “block”). You may also receive additional medications to help you relax.   Usually used in combination with general anesthesia.

  • Monitored Sedation
    Monitored sedation keeps you relaxed and comfortable.  You may remain awake and aware throughout the surgery, or you may be drowsy or in a light sleep.

  • Local Anesthesia
    Local anesthesia affects only the area involved in the procedure.  It may be used in combination with sedation.