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Children and Special Needs Adults

Special Care For Children
We give children the extra care they need in an unfamiliar setting. Following these instructions may prevent delays or cancellation of the surgery.

  1. Your child should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the surgery.

  2. If the child still uses a bottle or sippy cup please bring these with you.  We will start their fluids in the recovery room after the operation.

  3. Please bring extra diapers, pull-ups, or an extra pair of underpants for your child.  It is not unusual for children to have an accident before, during, or after surgery.

  4. One parent or legal guardian of a minor child must remain in the center at all times.  You cannot leave the building.  If you smoke please advise the receptionist before you go outside.

  5. Parents may accompany their child to the pre-operative area.  You will meet with the anesthesiologist who will explain the plan for anesthesia.  We only allow two visitors in pre-op.  Other children/siblings are not allowed in the pre-op area.  Please make arrangements for someone else to watch your other children.

  6. Cell phones cannot be used in the facility. Photography is not allowed.

  7. Parents/guardians will remain in the waiting room during the time of the surgery.  The surgeon will look for you there when the surgery is done.  After you speak with the surgeon there will be a waiting period before you will be able to see your child; this waiting time is different for each patient. You will be taken to them as soon as they are settled in the recovery room.

  8. Parents may remain with the child in the recovery room and the nurse will go over the written discharge instructions.  Only two family members may wait in the recovery room.

  9. Minor children/siblings are not allowed in the recovery room.

  10. We look forward to meeting you and your child.  Please call one of our pre-admission nurses at 407-647-5100 if you have any questions or concerns.

Special Care For Special Needs Adults
We understand that loved ones who depend upon others for daily living require special attention. The following tips, will help make care for these adults easier:

The legal guardian needs to sign the consent for surgery and anesthesia on or before the day of surgery.

For Admission
Please bring the patient’s recent health history and medication information. Be certain to follow the food and drink rules in the Before My Surgery section.

Personal Attendant
As with other patients, special needs patients require a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult to remain at the center from admission through recovery. A personal attendant will be required to stay with the patient for 24 hours after discharge.